Overview of Singapore branch?

Tokyo Sushi Academy was founded in 2002 as the first and only Sushi school in Japan. We have been accepting more than 3000 students and about 350 of them were from overseas. Our Academy provides both Sushi and Japanese cuisine classes for students from entry to professional level. Students can learn both Sushi / Japanese cuisine techniques from our highly skilled instructors.

TSA is often introduced in World media such as New York Times, Time Out, etc., as an evangelist of Japanese food culture. Also, a documentary TV program focusing on our CEO Makoto Fukue has been broadcasted twice in Japan.

We believe that we have a mission to spread genuine Japanese food culture all over the world and founded Singapore branch in 2013. Since our founding, Tokyo Sushi Academy has been popular among Sushi chefs, restaurant owners, people who are looking for authentic hobbies and so on. Not only on cooking skills, we also teach storage technique for raw fish and emphasize the beauty of food presentation.